Springvossen 15 december with Charles Brooking, collector

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The Springvossen guests of today are Charles Brooking collector of windows and founder of the Brooking National Collection and his assistant, architecture historian Anna Bishop.

The augur in ancient Etruria would draw with a simple gesture a templum, a elementary rectangular shape in the sky, a window of possibilities. Everything happening, or not happening within this frame was to be interpreted by him. The premonition of the mise en abîme of the Brooking Collection must have been a disturbing one. How to interpret the frame instead of the field?

Charles Brooking has dedicated his life doing juist that. For over fifty years he has been collecting windows, analysing the frame not the view. The resulting Brooking National Collection is unique in the world, the knowledge of Charles Brooking unsurpassed. Rem Koolhaas included a presentation of the Brooking collection in his exhibition for the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014.

Charles Brooking features in the second edition of MacGuffin magazine dedicated to the window. MacGuffin. The life of things is an initiative of design historian Kirsten Algera and architecture historian Ernst van der Hoeven.



Redactie en presentatie: Robert van Altena

Uitzendtechniek: Catharina Ljubica

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