Springvossen 17 juni | Alan Charlton

15:00 – 16:00

Guest: Alan Charlton, artist.

Robert van Altena interviews Alan Charlton on the occasion of his show ‘Painted – Unpainted‘ at Galerie Slewe (up until 22 june).




 “The first exhibition I ever made was this one in art school in 1969. You know, as a young person you want to declare your intentions, so before people could enter the room I pinned a note on the door and it was a quotation from Giacometti. The quotation, very approximately was something like: ‘To see something different in the same face is greater than any journey around the world’. And that I think is what I’m trying to do.”


Photo (installlation view): ‘Painted – Unpainted’ (2019) Alan Charlton at Slewe Gallery. Courtesy: Alan Charlton & Slewe Gallery


Vorige uitzending: Een gesprek met literair vertaalster Kiki Coumans n.a.v. het verschijnen van ‘In het ene oog de maan, in het andere de zon’ een selectie van het werk van dichter Paul Éluard.

Volgende uitzending: A conversation with artist Falke Pisano on her show ‘Vondervotteimittiss (the stories we tell)‘  with Ellen de Bruijne Projects.



Eindredactie en presentatie: Robert van Altena

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  • ‘Blues In Orbit [aka Tender)(alternate take]’, Duke Ellington, album ‘Black, Brown and Beige’ (1958).
  • ‘Raise Four’ Thelonious Monk, album ‘Underground (1968)’.



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